I Am A Worm


As you will see….

I’m not very fond of Myself.

More wasted time than accomplished dreams.


But I get by.

Life is in the little moments.

Hopefully my own fears can keep you from giving in to yours…


Jared The Worm 1.jpg




Dear WordPress and the Beautiful People Who Inhabit It,

I’m so sorry for being lax in letting you know how I am and what I am working on. It’s just like me to forget and to ignore. I’ve been selfish and wrapped up in my Ego.

There’s no excuse. I’ll have to just make it up to you…

For one, I would love to share a page from my comics-diary… it’s called “Jared The Worm” cuz that’s what I am. Contemplative and contemptable, I make no one happy.

Oh well. Like Ziggy said, “Nobodies prefect.” 😉

Thank you so much for looking!

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