JAred The Worm 2

Jared the Worm 2.jpg

How often do you find yourself “accidentally” doing exactly what you want to be doing?

Not often enough! 😛

It’s good to resist the easy road…

Sometimes we surprise ourselves with what we accomplish.



Comics From The Diaper Pile

Well… I know y’all ain’t gonna like this as much as me… so this one is for me 🙂

The Stupids 1The Stupids 2The Stupids 3The Stupids 4The Stupids 5

My handwriting hasn’t changed.

My speleling is a little better.

I still love gags 😉

>>>> Stay Tuned For More Old Comic Ditties!

I Am A Worm


As you will see….

I’m not very fond of Myself.

More wasted time than accomplished dreams.


But I get by.

Life is in the little moments.

Hopefully my own fears can keep you from giving in to yours…


Jared The Worm 1.jpg

More Comics From The Underground


WELCOME! We are currently diving back into the past! The ancient, forgotten past of, like, ten years ago!!!!! (AMAZING!)

This next lil ditty is gonna make you GROAN!

You may recognize the main character… He is a Man… who is also a Bat……

batflip 1batflip 2batflip 3batflip 4batflip 5batflip 6


Eh-hem…. Well that is… different.

There is an attractive roughness to the artwork here. Some of the jokes fail completely. But… I feel like this comic is similar to the kid in class who can’t sit still and is always shouting things out. It’s not all funny, but you laugh anyway… You just love and appreciate that the kid is there.

I like that Batman is flying around in a bubble too 😀

Take care in your creative journey.

Comin’atcha With A Little Ditty

Deamon on Broom

I’ve been digging through my old comics and found some goodies I would love to share with you all.

So let’s get to it!



little boy 1little boy 2little boy 3little boy 4little boy 5little boy 6little boy 7little boy 8

Look at that BEAUTIFUL hand I drew there /\ …in that last panel! Phew! It looks REAL! j/k

This is an old comic, but like all things from the past, it teaches me what my talent really is like: I am good enough to make lines appear out of nowhere, and to tell a small story.

Too often, I get caught up on mistakes and details. And too often I wish to throw it all away. But I get a bigger kick out of hanging onto it 😛

>>>>>>> Please let me know if you want me to post more!