OC Zine Fest


Prepping materials for the Orange County Zine Fest on July 19th!
Let me know if you’re gonna make it! And keep an eye out for yours truly!

Need a Break? Read a Comic.
Have a Break? Make a Comic.

Preview page for upcoming graphic novel: They’re Putting Something In The Music


I know it’ll be a few years, but this beast of a book is gonna make its way into your life! Please feel free to give me some feedback! I’m only 180 pages into the full size pencils, out of an estimated 400+ pages.

Seriously, I invite criticism!

This is just a pen test of my current penciled page. Gotta stop and assess my drawing skills once in a while 😛

I love comics as a medium!

Thanks for lookin’!!!!!

Ro84N Sketch


Quick pen test of my graphic novel’s anti-hero, Robyn.
The book is a secret and will be released… sometime… in the future 😉
I’m working hard.
I love the world of comics.